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Discover the Wonders of Natural Medicine with Patty Regalia

Patty treats chronic and acute diseases including autism with non-toxic natural medicine. Patty is a doctor of Homeopathic medicine (HD) and medical Heilkunst, providing her with many tools to find the causes of acute and chronic diseases. She uses the sequential timeline that was created to look at each individual's specific shocks and traumas including drugs, vaccines, surgeries and emotional traumas. The timeline is treated in the reverse order (backwards, from the present to birth/conception and into the inherited predispositions).

This is a highly effective roadmap that assures Patty that the path every patient takes is individual and accurate. To complete the system of remediation Patty also looks at the individual's diet using nutritional typologies based on bio-chemical individuality, exercise, supplements, hormones, and traumas both physical and emotional to clear any blockages. This system was created by Dr. Hahnemann, which he called Heilkunst, or the art of restoring health.

Homeopathy and Mesothelioma

Patients diagnosed with cancer, including those with malignant mesothelioma, are now often including homeopathic medicine as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  Learn more about mesothelioma and the benefits homeopathy in coping with mesothelioma surgery.

Happy Child

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Sequential Therapy Vaccine Alternatives

Heilkunst is very effective in treating PTSD. Along with a constitutional remedy, we will also go back and treat the actual trauma with the remedies for the (Tonic) disease taken from the patient. Finally! There is treatment for our troops as well as anyone who has been through a terrible trauma and has never been well since.


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